In Memory of R.C. Sproul – Don’t Mess with the Gospel

But though he is dead, he still speaks. (Hebrews 11:4)

The church lost a great teacher and theologian when R.C. Sproul breathed his last breath and entered into glory. He is now beholding the glory of the God he so passionately preached about.

Sproul’s teaching was instrumental in my foundational days of coming to understand Reformed Theology. Thankfully, his teaching lives on through Ligonier Ministries. And so others like me, who are tired of the shallow and emotionally driven man-centered theology that is prevalent in American megachurches, can still come and hear rich and robust Christ-centered theology that sets our minds and hearts ablaze for the glory of God.  Much of today’s preaching within Charismatic circles is nothing more than resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. It is preaching that is driven by emotions and experience, and not the Biblical text.  Gordon Fee, the prominent Charismatic Theologian agrees”

Secondly, it is probably fair— and important— to note that in general the Pentecostals’ experience has preceded their hermeneutics. In a sense, the Pentecostal tends to exegete his or her experience. For example, the doctrine of Spirit-baptism as distinct from and subsequent to conversion did not flow naturally out of the Pentecostal’s reading of Scripture.1

R.C. Sproul has been a champion in bringing Reformed Theology, that has been lost in the midst of the entertainment driven church of our day, into the forefront again through Ligonier Ministries. My heart goes out to all of my Christian brothers and sisters who have yet to experience the glory of Christ in the precious Doctrines of Grace and who are still caught up in the shallow man-centered preaching that is so prevalent in the American megachurch today.

My prayer is that God will raise up more R.C. Sproul’s who will faithfully preach and protect the message of the Gospel.


1.Fee, Gordon D. (1991-10-01). Gospel and Spirit: Issues in New Testament Hermeneutics (p. 86). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


    1. Yes Peter. I put it together last night. R.C.Sproul has been instrumental in my spiritual growth and understanding of Reformed Theology. His preaching/teaching and his books and commentaries have helped shape my understadning of the true Gospel of grace.

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