Mission Accomplished!

Tonight, after 8 long years, countless blog posts, Facebook posts, tweets, emails, phone calls, and a meeting, I am vastly relieved to say that Jim Cymbala has finally removed the DVD When God’s People Pray , the audiobook You Were Made For More , and the book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire from the Brooklyn Tabernacle website. And is working with Zondervan to remove the Langella name from all Brooklyn Tabernacle books and media.

I am satisfied with the results and glad to be able to finally lay this to rest and move on.  I will no longer blog about this issue.

Although, not one pastor from the Brooklyn Tabernacle, including Jim and Carol Cymbala, attended Roberta’s Memorial Service or offered any form of condolence to the Langella family regarding the death of Roberta.  Although,  Jim Cymbala still refuses to make a public statement as to the real truth behind why he is removed Roberta’s story from his books and DVDs.  And although, there are still thousands and thousands of books and DVDs out there with Roberta’s erroneous testimony.  I have decided to stop posting about this issue and lay it to rest.

I would also like to thank everyone who helped share this story, especially Pulpit and Pen and Polemics Report for running the story on their websites.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Steven Langella


  1. That’s great news. Dawn Was just talking of Roberta yesterday. Remembering her fondly and saddened by such a great loss .


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