Roberta Langella – Memorial Video

Remembering Roberta Langella  
June 20, 1960 – October 2, 2016

Roberta was born on June 20, 1960 to Joseph Langella and Roberta Greany in Brooklyn, NY.  She was the fourth of six children, and used humor to separate herself from the rest of the pack!  She had many talents, which ranged from comedy to cooking to interior design, but her greatest talent was making people laugh. She had an uncanny wit, compassion for the downtrodden and a great love for her family and friends.  Even in the midst of serious health issues that plagued her for the past thirty years, she still managed to find humor in her situation and in life, and was a joy to all who loved her dearly.

She is survived by her mother, Roberta Gordon, siblings, Billy Langella, Susan Langella Elazm, Joseph Langella, Steven Langella and his wife, Christina, Melody Gordon, Elizabeth Gordon, James Gordon, her nieces and nephews, Jasmine and Joseph Elazm,  Everly Taylor, Devar, Emma and Aleigha Gordon.  Roberta’s father, Joseph Langella, and sister Lola Langella, passed away in 2005 and 1995, respectively.



  1. Steve, this is Vee (as in Arthur & Vee) in Florida. I was just browsing on Facebook and was reading a post sent to Ana Bloomfield. At first I thought it was a hoax then did some research and my jaw dropped when I viewed Roberta’s Memorial Video. I’m still in shock! I will always cherish my memories of Roberta, especially that bubbly, funny giggle that she had. I pray that God releases an extra special dose of His grace to all of you at this time.


  2. You don’t know me, but I wanted to extend my deepest, deepest & sincerest condolences to your family, for the passing away of your dearly beloved, Roberta. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will surround your family with His love & presence during this very difficult & most trying time. That you will sense Jesus’ presence ever so near, as He walks along side you as you each continue on with the Lord. I was deeply moved by both Steven & Susan for your honestly, your candid expression & transparency of your beloved sister, Roberta’s story. I always say, I became Born-again, twice, The first & most important; coming to Jesus & second seeing & experiencing the the church & leadership for who they are, which isn’t always Jesus, very flawed & lack of Godly love. Using & manipulating the weak sheep. Unfortunately, I myself have witnessed a lot of churches like BT. I myself went to the
    leadership of the church when I needed wise Godly counsel, oh they prayed with me, but I needed so much more than that. I believe telling your sister’s story is going to be the tip of the ice-berg. Thank you for your courage, I know it was not easy, in speaking the truth & yes, it was in love. Again, respectfully my deepest condolences.


  3. I only learned of Roberta’s passing this past week. I was deeply saddened to learn of it. Roberta came to visit us here in Canada some years ago and left us with many happy memories of her. I will always remember her for her infectious smile and loving heart. I’m sorry she left so soon.


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