Update, Unintentional Sin, and Final Thoughts on “The Story Behind the Story of Roberta Langella and Jim Cymbala” – Part 3

UPDATE 2/21/2018
As of today, February 21, 2018, Roberta’s story is still being sold in the Kindle version of Jim Cymbala’s book Fresh Wind Fresh Fire in both English and Spanish Translations on Amazon.  As Jim Cymbala’s below Commitment Letter states, Amazon cannot guarantee that Roberta’s name will not appear on excerpts. But we are not talking about excerpts here, Jim Cymbala is still selling  the Kindle versions containing Roberta’s story 15 months after we received this commitment letter.  

The Story Behind the Story – Roberta Langella and Pastor Jim Cymbala – Part 1

And this is exactly what happened to Roberta. Instead of caring for Roberta’s soul, “Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them” (1 Peter 5:1a), the leadership at the Brooklyn Tabernacle saw Roberta as a marketing ploy, an object to be used by the Brooklyn Tabernacle to proclaim the gospel. Soon Roberta became somewhat of a Christian celebrity who was known as the girl with the “amazing testimony”.

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